Self-Tape Auditions 101

Do's & Don'ts of self-taped auditions

Self-Tape the right way!

No fancy equipment needed!

Self-taping has become an everyday occurrence for actors. It's becoming standard, but many actors don't know how to properly film or send in a self-tape! 

The tips and guidance in this course, allow actors to tape anywhere - with just a phone! Plus learning how to do it yourself will save you from having to go to a self-tape company. 

Casting director Catrine McGregor has seen thousands of self-tapes so she knows what red flags to eliminate from your self-tape! 

So take the course and put into practice our tips on your next self-tape audition!

Just twenty minutes can help you turn around your self-tapes and book more roles!


Self-Tape 101


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About Your Instructor

Catrine  McGregor

Catrine McGregor

CSA Casting Director and Producer

Catrine McGregor is an award-winning producer and casting director whose career spans almost forty years and projects ranging from feature films to TV shows to IMAX movies to interactive video games.

McGregor began her career at Disney Studios after receiving her dual Master’s Degrees and Film/TV and Education from Loyola-Marymount University in Los Angeles. She went on to work on Warner Brothers projects as well as many independent films as a producer and casting director. Her actual casting company was started when Robert Redford asked if she would come on board to do the Utah casting on Academy-Award nominee Michael Hoffman film, Promised Land. This project led to dozen more films cast by McGregor Casting, including Salma Hayek and Danny Glover’s directing debuts.

Catrine has cast well over 400 projects, including films, TV, IMAX, commercials, webseries and video games. She is a member of the prestigious CSA (Casting Society of America). During her forty year career in the film industry, Catrine has worked extensively all over the US as well as Europe and Africa. She prides herself in discovering and developing new talent and has done so with many people that you see every day in films and on TV.

What you'll learn

The reason for self-tapes

Critical do's and don'ts of self-taped auditions


Framing, and lighting

What casting directors are REALLY looking for

And lots more!


I used to spend a $100 at a self-tape company almost every week! Now I know how to do my own self-tapes for free!
Caden Brown Actor, Kentukey
When it comes down to it, the information in this course is simple and logical. Thank you for putting it together in such a concise way.
Alicia Burnett Actor, Boston
I have gotten three call backs on self-tapes that I have done since watching this course!
Alex Nelson Actor, Los Angeles


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Novice learning made easy

From Patch Perryman

I feel like this is the exact pace and place to start learning as a novice actor. Thank you both for this learning opportunity.

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